World’s End Club features story, action, and camp stages.
The action stages comprise side-scrolling platforming action.
It’s not just challenging action sequences you’ll face—on your journey you’ll encounter numerous puzzles to solve.

Powerful bosses await you in the game’s action stages.
You’ll need to make the use of the special abilities that awaken within each character to defeat them and continue on your journey.

In the story stages, the boys and girls of the Go-Getters Club will travel through scenic locales across Japan,
working together to overcome the hardships and shocks they encounter en-route, as they make their way home to Tokyo.

The Go-Getters often find themselves in disagreement with each other.
When they reach an impasse, it is Reycho’s vote that decides their next move.

In the camp stages, take a moment to go over the story so far,
speak to the Go-Getters and get to the bottom of the mysterious events happening across the world.